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Our Team

Johannes Brägelmann, Group Leader

Johannes Brägelmann

Research Group Leader

Physician & biostatistician by training, scientist at heart. Enthusiastic about data-driven molecular biology, machine learning and preclinical model systems to answer translational cancer research questions with the goal of improving cancer therapy. Enjoys elegant solutions to complex problems, mountaineering and music.


Mareike Haarmann

PhD student

Mareike is working as a PhD student in the lab. She is interested in understanding the processes determining treatment resistance and inflammatory signalling in squamous cell cancers of the respiratory tract on a molecular and genetic level.

Marek Kucka

Postdoctoral fellow

Marek works on methods to dissect tumor heterogeneity and clonal evolution under therapy using single cell sequencing of cell line models and cancer samples.


Shaliny Sothyrathnam

PhD student

Shaliny works on the connection between therapy-induced cell death and inflammation in Small Cell Lung Cancer under co-supervision by Prof. Martin Sos and Johannes.


Doris Helbig

Associated Research Fellow

Doris is a senior physician at the Department of Dermatology and head of the Dermatopathology lab and Biobank. Her research is focussed on genetic and tumor micro-environmental factors of cutaneous squamous cell carcinomas and sarcomas that impact treatment outcome as well as resistance. This combined approach discovers new aspects of tumor evolution, predictive biomarkers and therapeutic target structures improving individual patient care.


Carina Lorenz

Graduate research fellow

Carina is physician-scientist interested at combining genomics, transcriptomics and image analysis  to understand the tumor microenvironment and cancer evolution.


Sandra Abba

Master student

Sandra is a student of the Master's program "Molecular Medicine" at the Goethe University Frankfurt, currently performing her final thesis investigating the connection between therapy-driven DNA damage and inflammation in squamous cancers.

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Anna Rosendahl

PhD student (co-supervised with Prof. Holger Grüll)

Anna is a PhD student in a collaborative project with the lab of Prof. Holger Grüll (University of Cologne) investigating molecular mechanisms of small cell lung cancer metastasis.


Katharina Winkels

Master student

Katharina is a student at the RWTH Aachen and is currently pursuing her Master's thesis  investigating innate immune signaling pathways in small cel lung cancer in the lab.


Zoe Zielke

MD student

Zoe works on resistance mechanisms to cancer treatment, hoping to broaden therapy options for lung cancer. Incidentally she enjoys rock climbing and the arts and sciences of sourdough bread.


  • Moritz Glaser

  • Alessia Pantani

  • Philipp Baedeker

  • Corinna Bürger

  • Joëlle Dimmler

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